NOCTU - Norma Evangelium Tenebris

Label: Dusktone - Available formats: 12'' Vinyl




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12″LP Funeral violet vinyl
limited to 70 copies worldwide
4page Booklet
A3 Exclusive Poster

Italian tortured black doom juggernaut NOCTU takes another bold step in their musical and lyrical progression with the blazing new anticipated full length album “Norma Evangelium Tenebris” via Dusktone on 4th August !

On this six-track album, Noctu brings us a heavily layered black murk and a veil of staticky black hiss unfolding into broken-down melodies and fractured pieces of tortuned guitars and vocals, building into a strange ghostly noisescape with howling blackened shrieks and psychotic moaning that worm their way through the gales of slow distortion.

Combined with their penchant for sombre imagery and apocalyptic undercurrents, this produces something far bleaker and more unsettling than anything else we’re hearing in the realm of black funeral doom right now…. again, a dreamlike descent into the realm of death and human despair


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