THE BISHOP OF HEXEN - Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy

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Shipping date : 2 September
12″LP Marbled Red Vinyl + 16page booklet
Poster A3
Limited to 100 copies worldwide

+ 25 Year anniversary, remastered +

One of the most anticipated reissue of recent years, finally sees the light !

THE BISHOP OF HEXEN undoubted masterpiece “Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy” came out way back in 1997 by underground S. Korean label Hammerheart Productions and immediately aroused amazing worldwide interest until the album went out of print and the label disappeared afterwards.

For all the years to come this became a milestone album of the so-called symphonic black metal movement always being quoted and requested nonstop by fans all over the world.

After the huge success of the latest 2020 album “The Death Masquerade”, THE BISHOP OF HEXEN decided that the next one it could only be their legendary debut.

Undoubtedly this is a very solid album and the atmosphere generated by the music is one which could be described as dark, epic and sometimes depressing. It makes you feel as if you were surrounded by dark castles and grim forests..
Their lyrics are a redeeming quality. The band created the stories based on an ancient legend concept created by themselves. What’s there is extremely poetic and really cool to read. As well as that, there are very well placed sound effects like wolves howling, birds chirping, and wind blowing that create the perfect nighttime atmosphere. Mix that, with the heavily symphonic sound, fitting sound effects and you’ve got yourself a nice recipe for one of the best symphonic black metal album in time.

“Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy” has been reissued on wonderful digipack CD w/16page booklet as well as limited to 100 copies 12” LP marbled red vinyl (with A3 poster and 16page booket) as well as regular 12” LP black vinyl + booklet.

Tracklist :
1. Crossing The Borders Between Light & Darkness
2. The Surreal Touch Between Steel & Flesh
3. Lure My Spelled Emotions
4. Wading Through Sensuous Journeys
5. When A Witch Becomes A Pale Bride
6. Diaries Of Primeval Tragedies
7. To Begin The Quest Towards The Noble Dark Cause
8. The Fascinating Installment Of Triumph

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